The Miami Heat Win The 2012 NBA Championship

Bad Professor June 22, 2012 0
The Miami Heat Win The 2012 NBA Championship

I can only imagine what Miami, Florida was like last night after the Heat triumphed over the Thunder 121-106.  I can’t even imagine how Lebron James must have felt after winning his first championship title.  I am not a Heat fan, but I give credit when credit is due, and Lebron James definitely deserved this championship.  I can honestly say, if it wasn’t for the Lebron James, the Heat might not have won the title.  Hell, they might not have even made it to the finals.
Ripped and ridiculed for the way he announced he was leaving Cleveland and taking his talents to South Beach, it’s all worth it now for James.  Last night Lebron James lead the Heat to the victory with 26 points, 11 rebounds, and 13 assist, which coincidentally enough makes Lebron James the 5th player in NBA history to clinch a triple-double in the title winning game.

Bosh and Wade, also had a great game last night, scoring 24 and 20 points respectively.  Mike Miller stepped up last night dropping an astounding seven three pointers, ending the game with 23 points.

Miami has definitely found its flow, as the team was definitely working as a unit with one common goal.  Oklahoma City got back within five early in the third before consecutive 3-pointers by Chalmers and Battier triggered a 27-7 burst that made it 88-63 on another 3-pointer by Miller. James didn’t even score in the run until it was almost over, hitting a pair of free throws after he was flagrantly fouled by Derek Fisher while powering toward the basket.

Miami only outscored Oklahoma City by 389-384 over the first four games, but the Thunder just couldn’t figure out a way to stop Miami’s three pointer game. The Heat tied the record with 13 3 pointers.

“They just hit 3s after 3s. They got it going and we couldn’t stop them,” Thunder center Kendrick Perkins said. “Things just didn’t go our way.” ESPN