A Shirt for those “Damn it’s HOT!” Days

Bad Professor August 6, 2012 0
A Shirt for those “Damn it’s HOT!” Days

Let’s face it, summer is hot!  It was always hot and will always be hot, there is nothing we can do about.  But just because some days during summer can be ungodly hot, it doesn’t mean your style has to suffer.  It’s on those extremely hot summer days that looking cool, and being cool will work in your favor.  When you look like your kicking the summer’s heat in the ass, while everyone else is taking a beating, everyone is going to want to know what your secret is.   And luckily for you, the Style Blogger has figured it out!  Follow these tips, if you want to beat the heat while looking like the champion you are:

1. Summer School

Linen fabric is super breezy. Air flows right through it, keeping your body cool, dry and fresh.

It also has the ability to absorb and lose water (or perspiration) very rapidly. It can gain up to 20% moisture without feeling damp and will typically air dry in a matter of minutes.

As I mentioned in this post on short-sleeved shirts, it should be hit around mid fly – short enough to wear out and just long enough to tuck.

Navy s/s linen shirt by Michael Andrews Bespoke. Olive shorts by Bonobos. Shoes by LL Bean. Tote by Bushmills x ACL. Shades by Ralph Lauren Purple Label. Watch by Montblanc. Watch strap by Corvus. 

2. Heat Wave Business

If you need to be suited on a crazy-hot day, you can go full linen.

Just make sure the garments are well-tailored and pressed so they don’t look sloppy. Keep in mind, the fabric will wrinkle throughout the day. Just embrace it, it’s the charm of linen.

The jacket and pants should be fully unlined (only one layer of fabric), otherwise it defeats the purpose of wearing linen.

You can loosen up two or three shirt buttons, when it’s that hot your colleagues should understand.

Linen shirt and suit by Michael Andrews Bespoke. Shades and loafers by Gucci. Belt by Ralph Lauren Purple Label. 

3. Natural Sun Block

It’s the perfect layer for the beach too – whether the sun is going down and the party is just begining, or your skin just needs a break from the beating rays.

Linen is a very durable, strong fabric, that resists stains and is easy to wash – so just throw it on and don’t worry about it.

Navy linen shirt by Michael Andrews Bespoke. Swim trunks by Park & Ronen. Shades Vintage Hugo Boss from Noel Vintage.  

 4. Tropical Business Casual

If you live in a tropical place, or it just feels tropical out, your “business casual” wardrobe can be a little more relaxed and fun.

The hotter the temperature, the less strict dress codes generally are.

As a versatile alternative you could do a white linen shirt, but there are a couple drawbacks.

1. White linen needs to be a bit heavier as to not look transparent. You want the wind to flow through, but you don’t want your body hair/nipples/tattoos to be visible. The dark color allows you to wear a very fine linen.

2. It’s hard to keep white. Let’s face it, you will be sweating, and you don’t want that white to turn yellow.

Navy linen shirt by Michael Andrews Bespoke. Linen/wool trousers (part of suit) by MAB by Dan Trepanier. Loafers by Scarpe di Bianco. Shades by Persol. Floral tie handmade in Canada by Dolbeau. Watch by Montblanc. Watch strap by Corvus.